Day 96

Level 2 Chi Kung Body and Mind Process. Microcosmic orbit.

A bit of a fox and geese day today. This morning was the second session of the collaborative art project. I wasn’t looking forward to it as Karen the obnoxious care worker was meant to be bringing 5 dementia patients along and I didn’t think adequate arrangements had been made to make it a good experience for them, particularly given that they had missed the first day. They didn’t show up, but we wasted the first half hour waiting for them.

Home and just time to do Chi Kung and a few bits and pieces and it was time to collect Katie from school. Home to wait for Dash, then off to drop Katie at ‘Tuesday Strings’ (cello lesson and orchestra). Home to wait for Jack. Back to the village to collect Katie. Home (phew!).

On the way home, Katie and I had what I suspect will be the first of many many conversations about politics.

K: Hey Mum, have you heard the news? Scottish people have a big decision to make on Thursday. They are going to vote on whether to be independent or stay part of the United Kingdom.
J: Yes, it’s very exciting – no one knows what’s going to happen.
K: Each day after break the teachers put the radio on and we listen to the noos.
J: ‘News’ honey, with a ‘y’ sound. We’re not Americans.

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