Day 76

Level 2 Chi Kung. Microcosmic orbit. Inaugural skype with Betsy Corliss.

Decided that my knee was sufficiently recovered for sedate dog walking – shame I don’t have a sedate dog! Katie, Dash and I walked Sherlock to Manor Park Gardens, so that Sherlock could socialise off-leash. Met a lovely assistance dog called Ringo. Had a good chat with Ringo’s human. Alongside the other benefits of having Ringo (he apparently picks things up and gives them back if you drop them, and fetches the post, papers, books etc when asked), it is clear that having a ready made connection to other dog owners is also a plus. Discovered when we got home that Manor Park Gardens and back was just a tad too far for the knee and (sense breaking out for once) had a nap. Watched (you guessed it!) Ironman 3 with the children.

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