Day 61

Housekeeping, who have been conspicuous by their absence since our arrival, showed up without warning this morning, so I took the kids to the pool to get them out of the cleaners’ way. The day was hot by the time they left, so I was grateful to do Level 2 Chi Kung in my wet swim suit as a way of keeping cool. Microcosmic orbit. Spent the afternoon reading about, and watching clips of, Robin Williams, while Nick took the children back to the pool. Took Kate and Dash out to a restaurant for dinner, then brought treats home for Nick. I had never thought much of Italian cakes/desserts before, but here they really are fab.

On our way back from Herculaneum on Sunday, I remarked on the huge bright moon, but Nick insisted that it just looked the same as usual. So I was smugly pleased to read all the coverage of the ‘supermoon’ today! There will apparently be another one on the 9th of September, so hopefully we will get a clear night at home to set up the telescope.

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