Day 53

Level 2 Chi Kung. Microcosmic orbit. Got a pedicure. Jade egg practice.

I woke up smiling this morning, after dreaming that I was sitting at my desk doing Connirae Andreas’ new Wholeness Process and experiencing total boundless bliss.

I am taking this as a sign that the unconscious mind is finally (finally!) happy with the way the conscious mind is running things. So, all I had to do was … leave my job, get loads of exercise, spend a week in Crete, and do Chi Kung (until my tendons ache) and Jade Egg every day. Simple really …

Bought sandals for Jack, track shoes for Dash and a small half-price toaster for travel – it’s a tough universe out there and Jack needs to know where his next slice of toast and marmite is coming from. It was fortunate that I had brought 30 jars of the black stuff back from NZ prior to the earthquake so we had sufficient to last through marmageddon. Wandered home with the kids through more brilliant sunshine, and did a bit more packing before the beautiful Madalina arrived just in time for family movie. Maddy will be house and dog sitting while we are away – a real win-win as she is living in a shared flat with no garden at the moment and is looking forward to having a whole house and garden to herself – and she has wanted a dog since childhood and never had one. Sherlock liked her immediately and I’m sure he will be much more at ease in his own home than boarding. Family movie tonight was Frozen (again). I wasn’t expecting to like, much less approve of, Frozen – after all it is a Disney film about princesses – but I have to admit to being grudgingly impressed. The imperilled Princess Anna is told that she can be saved only by an act of true love – and assumes, as does the audience, that this means a snog from the greasy Prince Hans. But, betrayed by Hans, Anna saves HERSELF by an act of heroism, not in aid of some undeserving guy (a la The Little Mermaid) but to defend her sister. Whatever Disney paid for Pixar, they got a bargain – and Frozen has John Lasseter’s fingerprints all over it.

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