Day 42

Last day of Integration and 27th anniversary of Nick and I getting together. Kept my eyes open and had no problem keeping upright during level 2 Chi Kung. Attempted to shop for presents for Nick and the kids but discovered that pretty much everything is closed until 11 or so. Interesting discussion of telomerase and the various ways in which one might generate it. Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down. Very interesting Shamanic journey to the higher realm. I felt very honoured when it turned out that I had appeared as a guide in someone else’s Shamanic journey – I had been under the impression that one needed to be dead already to take that role! Then the highlight of the course when Richard demonstrated Connie Rae Andreas’ new Wholeness Process. Very special. Looking forward to going home to Nick and the children tomorrow but sad to leave beautiful Matala and even my bare little room. Looking forward to experiencing the course again next year as an assistant.

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