Day 37

Lift Chi Up. Integration (in Crete). Task.

Arrived in Matala about 1a.m. and was ushered straight to my room by the taxi driver. Accommodation clean but very basic (no phone, no chair, very strange bed). Was initially pessimistic about chances of sleep on very hard bed but fortunately the 6 Step Reframe did the trick and I slept quite well. Very weird feeling to wake up in a new place with no feeling for where I was, having arrived in the dark, but Matala is beautiful and has a nice laid back vibe. Very good experience of Robert Dilt’s neurological levels. Some interesting students on the course, (mostly women – which is always good :-), especially a woman who teaches mediation to secondary school kids in NZ. There’s a guy from Adelaide – and trying to stop ‘one more boring Thursday night in Adelaide’ from running through my head has been like Karen Blixen trying not to think of the camel’s left knee.

Wildly expensive dinner at an overpriced local restaurant with amazing views.

Raki is disgusting! But if you had some lime scale build-up around the taps I suspect it might be just the thing to dissolve it.

Looking forward to learning some new Chi Kung tomorrow – though a kind of weird half-sitting thing Richard demonstrated today looked painful!

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