Day 25

Katie was discovered this morning snuggled up sound asleep in Dash’s bed, her own bed being covered in quantities of vomit such that I was reminded of Baldrick and the cappuccino. So plans for the day went out the window and it was mostly spent laundering duvets and pillows and entertaining a very bouncy, healthy and easily bored little girl, who nevertheless can’t return to school until Wednesday. If it’s fine tomorrow I think I will take her and Sherlock to the park and run some of the energy out of them.

Very funny article in Saturday’s Guardian.…/caitlin-moran-my-sex-quest-yea…. I particularly liked the part where the young Moran, having got her entire sex education from watching Twin Peaks, describes how she came to acquire a new skill: “what I found truly interesting was the scene where the sexy teenage Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) applies for a job as a prostitute at Twin Peaks’s spooky, high-class brothel, One Eyed Jack’s. The owner asks Horne if she can prove she would be a good potential employee. Other sexy teenage would-be prostitutes might have replied by bringing out their CV, or perhaps talking about their Duke of Edinburgh’s award. Or, frankly, just saying: “I have a vag.” But Audrey Horne was far too sassy for that. She took a cherry from her cocktail, popped it into her sexy, red mouth and, 10 seconds later, carefully removed from the tip of her pink tongue the stalk, now tied in a perfect knot.”

Well you just know that I went out and bought a kilo of cherries …


20140707 - feijoa hedge
The new feijoa hedge.


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