Day 242

Level 2 Chi Kung.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the GP, seeking, amongst other things, some ear drops. I sometimes have problems with eczema in my ears and have learned, the hard way, that it is best to sort it sooner rather later. I told the GP (not one I’d seen before) that my ear was sore and itchy and, without asking which ear, he shoved a scope in the sore ear first (making it sorer still!), then the good ear (neatly transferring any infection) and said ‘Nah, they’re fine, just a bit dry. Put some moisturiser in them.’ Well, by last night they were sore enough to make for a very disturbed night. Waking this morning, groggy, in pain and slightly deaf, I was glad to have a fairly quiet day ahead, doing some bits and pieces of tedious but essential admin. By 5:30 the lack of sleep was beginning to tell and I fell asleep several times waiting for Katie to finish art.

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