Day 224

Level 2 Chi Kung.

Months ago, before Monique went off to Thailand, I got organised and booked theatre and cinema tickets right through the autumn and winter, including for the NT Live screening of Treasure Island this evening. To date we have managed ok for childcare, but then Geni went back to Bulgaria to get married and the beautiful Madalina began studying Kabala on Thursday evenings, Lobna works in the evenings and, sadly she is currently not on speaking termswith her sister Sally, usually our ultimate fall back position! On the point of cancelling the tickets (bizarrely you can get a full refund up until noon on the day of the performance, I thought of Sinniqua, Elias’ mummy, who sometimes supplements her income as an actress by working as a carer for disabled people and, more importantly, is just so amazingly bubbly and lovely that I’m sure Jack will take to her immediately. I suggested that she bring Elias and he can sleep in the spare bed in Dash’s room and I’ll take him to school in the morning. Sinniqua was happy to help and, for a change Katie was very enthusiastic about our night out! Usually it’s ‘Why do you have to go out. I hate it when you go out.’ but this week it has been ‘Is it Thursday yet?’ and ‘Guess what’s happening tomorrow? Elias is coming for a sleepover!’.

I think, in the end, that Katie and Elias had a better time than we did. Treasure Island had the feeling of something that could have been fab but, sadly, just didn’t quite work. Nice dinner at the Rivington afterwards though. Having spotted a pud I fancied, I went for two starters (salmon ceviche and buck rarebit) followed by blueberry creme brulet.

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