Day 219

Level 2 Chi Kung.

Horrified when I woke this morning to realise, with a jolt, that I somehow managed to miss Chi Kung yesterday. Made sure to do it with extra focus (though baulked at doing it twice!) this morning.

I received a lovely email from Kate today, in which she apologised for cutting short yesterday’s coffee morning. Kate, receiving an unexpected call to ask her to take her daughter in for an Xray, was obliged to allow Margaret to herd us all out the door and rush off to extract Ettie from school and head for the local hospital.

Kate told me the last time I organised coffee, how much she likes madeleines, but that she only ever buys them, as she could never really cook and even less so now that she has moved into a house in which the only cooking appliance is an Aga (notoriously difficult to get used to). Bought madeleines, even from the fabulous boulangerie in the village, aren’t a patch on home-made – I suspect that it is uneconomic to use the proper quantities of almonds. So, having loads of them stashed in the freezer, I decided to take a tin of them (thawed of course) and a container of Nigella’s Christmas Pudding Truffles, to the coffee morning. Kate’s email, as well as giving the good news that Ettie’s arm would not have to go back into plaster, reported that she (Kate) had managed to spend most of the afternoon eating madeleines and “had only a few left to share with the kids”. It is fortunate that Kate is reed-thin. As much as I enjoy feeding people, I do live slightly in fear that one day I will hear sirens and, having decided that I am personally responsible for a local spike in the figures, the obesity police will come and ‘cut me down before I cook again’.

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