Day 217

Level 2 Chi Kung.

As the halfway point of my career break approaches, I have been feeling vaguely dissatisfied with what I have achieved – this in spite of the fact that achieving things wasn’t really the point! I’m not worried particularly that I haven’t yet got around to making my own yoghurt, it’s more a sense of time being frittered away on things that, while necessary, don’t feel IMPORTANT. Because the feeling is not about specifics, it was difficult to know what it was prompting me to get on with. So I decided to just randomly choose one of the many things I thought I might do, and do it. I chose blogging and, as a result, I have spent the last few days learning about name registrars, hosting services, platforms and themes – all much more complicated than I expected. Quite interesting though, getting a glimpse into a whole geeky new world.

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