Day 21

Day 21: A gloriously sunny day followed by a beautiful balmy evening. Lift Chi Up, completed and filed UK tax return (yippee!). Dinner at Brasserie Raymond Blanc (starter of chick pea salad with smoked auberigine was great but main courses a bit so-so), followed by a stunning performance of the anti-war play, ‘The Silver Tassie’ at the National Theatre. A slightly startling play at which to be in the front line – I mean front row – what with the ‘shelling’ and the bayonets at some points coming within a couple of feet of our faces. A brief walk on the south bank, appreciating the views of London at its most gorgeous, then home to water the feijoas, pungas, magnolias etc that we haven’t had a chance to plant yet. We really need dry weather on Sunday to get them planted – keeping everything crossed.

20140703 View down the Thames on summer evening

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