Day 204

Level 2 Chi Kung.

A couple of days ago, after the booked cleaner failed to show up or respond to text messages, I decided to try contacting the next person down on the short-list. She came today and was a revelation after glacier-girl. She is a smoker and has to nip out to her car for desperate fag breaks but is like a nicotine-fuelled whirlwind. It is unfortunate that she is a smoker as, in my experience, while she will no doubt smoke only outdoors or in her car when I am home, it is likely to be a different story when I’m not there. Nevertheless, I think I will give her a chance. With the help of the cleaner and a few hours of organising on my part, the children’s bedrooms are looking much more civilised.

Lovely Skype with Ann Eade in the evening.

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