Day 187

Level 2 Chi Kung.

More cleaning. Preparing tins of baking to give teachers etc. Climbing the laundry mountain.

Nick went to Jack’s Christmas pageant – I couldn’t go as there was no way to be back in time to collect Katie. I had hastily wrapped tins of baking for Jack’s teacher and teaching assistant, and for Sylvia (who runs the school office) and Steve (the caretaker). Jack was the school’s first pupil – one of only two attending in the first week – and they literally finished building it around him. As a result, all the staff adore him and Sylvia and Steve are particularly devoted. As this will be his last Christmas at the school, I wanted to make a bit more of a fuss.

In the afternoon I got the rest of the tins of baking wrapped up and cards written, and prepared the mulled wine kits for the teachers who drink. I printed out copies of Jamie Oliver’s mulled wine recipe and prepared little bags containing all the necessary spices: a cinnamon stick, a whole nutmeg, a couple of star anise, and some cloves, and tied the recipe and a bag of spices to the neck of each bottle of red wine.

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