Day 182

Level 2 Chi Kung.

A whisky and honey hot toddy, radio 4, a huge pile of Christmas cards…

A little ego-boost for Katie when Elias’s Dad called last night to say that Elias had made it very clear that he preferred to come to Katie’s house, so could we go back to the original arrangement? I said fine and duly collected Katie and Elias from school. I think Elias must be missing his mum (who is in India, working with impoverished children) because, while Katie holds my hand only to cross the road, the little Moomin Troll clutched it all the way home.

Another really beautiful golden sunset on the way home from school. Home just in time to meet the bus bringing my precious Dashi home from camp. He had a good time and raved about doing archery, and going on zip wires and high level rope walks. He told us that Jordan, the boy he was sharing with, had ‘some bad times’ and was a bit tearful, missing his parents, and also reported, somewhat astonished, that Jordan couldn’t get to sleep with the light off! I explained to Dash that lots of people are a bit scared of the dark but he plainly still considered it bizarre.

I made a huge pot of pasta for Katie and Elias – pesto for her, ham and cheese for him and took it through to the living room for them (since Elias is a bit frightened of the dog). I then thought Elias’ pasta smelled so good that I boiled up the pasta post again and made myself some but I had barely got the first forkful to my mouth when Katie came in and said that she needed another half-bowl of pasta and Elias needed a big bowl. So I put the pasta pot back on the hob again… By the time Katie and Elias had devoured their second helping of pasta, it was time to head for trampolining. The kids had a great time. Elias’ Dad had originally been meant to pick Elias up from trampolining at 7pm but had asked if I could take Elias home again and he would pick him up about 7:30pm. We headed home and K & E were keen to get their ice creams immediately in case Elias’ Dad arrived early … Unfortunately their concerns were groundless – as he didn’t finally arrive until about 8:45. This wouldn’t have been a problem if I’d known in advance – when it got to bath time I would have just parked Elias with a book or a DVD and sooled Katie into the bath, but when I think someone is going to arrive any minute, I am more inclined to just let things slide a bit…

Started unpacking Dashi’s suitcase, while at the same time packing Katie’s stuff for a sleepover in the school hall tomorrow night. Dash’s camp must have been damn cold: I thought a pair of trousers was missing when I started unpacking but it turned out he was wearing two pairs at once and had clearly been doubling up like this the whole time he was away, as the worn clothes were all one inside the other!

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