Day 159

Level 2 Chi Kung.

Lovely autumn sunshine. Home from dropping Katie to deal with some admin, then off to Lewisham to buy socks and underwear for the boys (to replace those eaten by Sherlock) and stock up on fruit, veg and that other essential staple: hot cross buns. Yes, I know it’s nearly Christmas but hot cross buns have been a year-round fixture at M&S for more than a decade now! Continued just that bit too long to allow me to drop everything home before collecting Katie, so ended up showing up at the school gate with a huge pile of shopping.

Lugged Katie and the shopping home to be there for Dash and then took both of them back out to drop Katie at cello.

Knee absolutely agonising by 6pm – hoping the anti-inflammatories will start to work wonders sooner rather than later.

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