Day 152

Level 2 Chi Kung.

A beautiful, dry, sunny autumn day, so, as soon as Sherlock and I got home from dropping Katie at school, I changed into gardening clothes and got to work sweeping up leaves. Filled four huge black bags with leaves, then weeded the rose bed and underneath the feijoas. It is a pleasure weeding under the feijoas now as the half-dead corsican mint plants I stuck in as ground cover have resurrected themselves and spread enthusiastically. This has not only suppressed weed growth, but every time you pull up a weed there is a wonderful waft of mint. Kept working, deadheading the roses and planting some gentiana septemfida that I picked up for a £1 a plant in the rejects rack outside the plant shop a couple of weeks ago. Those who know my gardening habits from Christchurch days will be unsurprised to hear that it took me a couple of weeks to get them into the ground. I have always had a bad habit of buying plants without being totally sure where I can going to plant them! By the time I finally stopped, I barely had time to clean up my tools and have a shower before I had to go and get Katie.

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