Day 14

Lift Chi Up, GP appointment, Inner Smile, sorting out details for the new tenancy at Elliotts Row.

Sports Day – Katie and her friend Agnes were the only two who didn’t drop their eggs in the egg and spoon race! Passionfruit sorbet (me) and white chocolate ice cream (Katie) at Black Vanilla on the way home. A minor crisis after dinner when Katie accidentally hurled Jake (the baby doll she has been carrying around tenderly ‘breastfeeding’ for the last 10 days) off the trampoline and into the wild part of the garden under the apple trees. She sensibly put wellies on to protect her ankles from lurking blackberry and stinging nettles and was forging into the undergrowth to rescue the unfortunate doll, when Sherlock shot past her like a small furry brown rocket and emerged moments later with the doll held gently in his little jaws. Now at that point the forces of good and evil appeared to be at war within that little brown body – he paused as if about to deliver the doll to the tearful child … then thought better of it and raced off down the garden tossing Jake as if he were prey that needed to be shaken into submission. Wails of outrage from Katie only seemed to spur him on and no amount of calling, or distraction with balls etc could tempt him to relinquish his prize. Finally I told Katie to go indoors and ostentatiously shook Sherlock’s dinner into his bowl. That did the trick and Katie nipped out of the house and grabbed the abandoned doll before Sherlock could change his mind. She then wanted to bath Jake, but since he has electrical bits I wasn’t convinced that was a good idea, so he had to make do with a sponge down with dampened kitchen towel. I don’t think he’ll ever be the same again but, on the plus side, that probably just makes him more realistic – in my experience real babies are generally a bit mucky!

I finally got a bounce on the new trampoline which was great fun though curtailed by rain – not complaining – the garden needs it.

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