Day 138

Level 2 Chi Kung.

Another dull day of APM. One positive is that I have solved the problem of when to fit in Chi Kung. Although I am strongly motivated to do Chi Kung in the morning, I am not Richard – if I need to check in for a flight at 6am, I won’t be getting up at 3am to fit in 2 hours of Chi Kung before I leave for the airport! So I had been wondering when I would fit it in during this course. Yesterday, I had a bit of a brainwave when I saw how many of the conference rooms were empty, so, at the tea break, I went to reception and explained that I am recovering from a knee injury and would find it very helpful if I could use an empty meeting room to do some exercises at lunch time. The receptionist said that this would normally be prohibited but, as an apology for the mess-up yesterday, they would let me have access to a room. I went back at lunchtime and was shown into a lovely big sunny room where I did Chi Kung undisturbed. It was great – and made it much easier to stay awake in the afternoon. I did the same today and, again, really enjoyed the Chi Kung even more than usual, as a break from sitting still in one place.

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