Day 113

Level 2 Chi Kung.

Got up early to make sure of having time to do Katie’s witch make-up (thick black eyeliner, lots of black mascara, heavy eyebrows and bright-red lips). This, plus broomstick and toy black cat, seemed to make up for her lack of enthusiasm for the dress and she went off feeling happy and looking like the cutest witch in town. The newly-cleaned Sherlock was relieved to be included in the school run once again.

Took care of some of the admin bits and pieces that have built up. Went to collect Katie from school.

J: Did everyone like your costume?
K: No, people just asked what I was.
J: What did Clara go as?
K: A witch.
J: What did Arina go as?
K: A witch. Arina had the best costume.
J: Oh, what did she wear?
K: Black leggings and a black t-shirt and a witch’s hat… but SHE had a bag of magic beans and fairy dust!

Really, one can’t win.

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