Day 129

Level 2 Chi Kung. Microcosmic orbit.

Nick wanted to swap Sundays with me so that he can do an organised bike ride next weekend, so I had a nice sleep in, then did Chi Kung.

A year or so ago, it became clear that I needed a new desk, as the old IKEA one was falling apart. Instead of another IKEA desk, I was really hankering for something a bit more solid and we ended up choosing an oak dining table that happened to be about the right size. Bizarrely, it was cheaper to buy the table with 6 oak dining chairs than to buy it on its own, so we ended up with a set of oak chairs which, fortunately, Nick and the children really like. I however, think that they are the most uncomfortable chairs ever made, so we have kept one of the old dining chairs (£10 from IKEA in 2005!) for me. The big snag with the table – and I only realised this after several months – was that it was about 3cm too high to be comfortable as a desk. As a result, even with a footrest, my posture wasn’t ideal and I often ended up with a sore back. I have therefore been keen for some time to have Nick slice 3cm off the bottom of each leg but he, very sensibly, warned me to be sure I could ‘see the whites of his eyes’. In other words, I needed to be sure he really had time to do it before starting to dismantle the computer and remove everything from the desk. Well, this afternoon we finally struck the right moment and I am typing this at a much more comfortable height! Hopefully back problems will now be a thing of the past.

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