Day 12

A day which started at 5:20 a.m. (Jack was very excited about his birthday) and stayed just this side of totally frantic. Lift Chi Up, some urgent admin, downstairs to make the fifteen-shaped cake, got it in the oven just in time for it to be cooked before I had to leave for printmaking – except it is a different oven and I’ve never made it in 15-shaped tins before. A tense ten minutes when it ought to have been cooked but the skewer kept coming out dirty – then suddenly it was done with just enough time to walk very briskly to printmaking. Lino-cutting turned out to be easier and more fun than I expected and my design (of five strawberries) worked quite well. Sadly next week is the last class – it has been fun to do something completely different.

Straight from printmaking to M&S to pick up some special cakes that Jack had requested for his party, then home to discover a parcel had arrived which turned out to contain the rhodohypoxis I ordered a couple of days ago. Plants in good condition – not always the case with mail order – so I will make sure I get them planted tomorrow. I will definitely use these guys again – they have interesting plants and deliver them quickly and in good condition.

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