Day 119

Level 2 Chi Kung. Microcosmic orbit.

Jack returned to school but Katie was still all snuffly and congested so I kept her home, which she was delighted about – right up until she realised she wouldn’t be able to go to trampolining in the evening! It was good having lots of time to talk with her this week – she kept talking wistfully about Montessori and how interesting the work was and eventually told me that she finds school boring now as everything is too easy. There is an awkward situation in that her teacher (new at the start of September) almost immediately went part-time on account of some family crisis and none of the children seem happy with ‘Miss Jones’ the teacher who now covers Wednesday to Friday. Katie says that Miss Jones is very grumpy and, judging by some of the verbatim quotes, this sounds accurate. Also lazy – ‘golden time’ which used to be used for the children to do art or craft activities of their choice is now spent watching movies – in fact just one movie, the same every week! But when I asked Katie if we should start looking for a nicer school, she was very definite that we shouldn’t – I’m guessing because she doesn’t want to leave her friends. Or maybe, having been moved from a school she really loved, she thinks a new school might be worse still. Not sure what to do.

A rare Thursday without a theatre booking, so we went to the cinema and saw ‘Gone Girl’. Best thriller I have seen for years – real edge-of-the-seat stuff and Rosamund Pike was eerily convincing as the ‘murdered’ wife. On the other hand I’m not so sure that it was a good idea for me to see a film where the message is that the liars and manipulators always win in the end – since I already kind of believe that and I’m guessing it’s probably not that helpful.

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