Day 117

Level 2 Chi Kung. Microcosmic orbit.

Katie wasn’t well enough to return to school so we prepared for another day cosied up at home. I was feeling quite feverish, so after the boys had gone I set Katie up in bed with a fully charged iPhone and a pile of books (I sat down to read to her but she said ‘oh I just read that one, just get me three books from that box’) and went to bed. Unfortunately I just couldn’t warm-up – I had been lying, shivering under a winter weight duvet, clutching a freshly heated wheat sack for nearly an hour when the phone rang. It was Nick, telling me that Jack’s school had called to say that he was ill and needed to be collected. So now we’re officially a plague house. Nick is walking wounded and Dash is still fine – no doubt he’ll start running a temperature just as the other two recover. Hey ho.

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