Day 106

Level 2 Chi Kung. Microcosmic orbit.

A sleepy day after a very late night. The alarm system we inherited with the house, and have never used, has suddenly started randomly going off at all hours of the day and night and, unfortunately, went off while we were at the theatre – much to the consternation of the babysitter. It was nearly 2am by the time Nick felt reasonably confident that it wouldn’t start up again the moment we went to bed. This morning I tracked down the company that installed it to ask if they have a de-installation service. They do but they warned me that it is very expensive (£150 call out fee plus £80 per hour) and suggested that we would be better just ripping it out ourselves – though this is likely to be a noisy process, as the alarm has a tamper protection system which will cause it to go off as we try to dismantle it. Oh joy. Removal appears to be the only option however as it is so old that they won’t service or upgrade it.

Walked Sherlock, weeded the feijoa bed and the rose garden, watered all the new planting. Tidied up some bits and pieces of admin.

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