Day 104

Level 2 Chi Kung. Microcosmic orbit.

Raining this morning so we didn’t take Sherlock on the school run. In the past he has been reluctant to go out in the rain but today he whined piteously and threw his wee furry body against the gate, most aggrieved.  🙁

Brought Katie’s little Finnish friend Elias home from school for a play date. Katie has been desperate to have him over but it didn’t go quite as planned as Elias was terrified of poor Sherlock. And Sherlock of course was desperate to play with the new child.

Tried a new salad for dinner: red onion, julienned courgette, coriander and cherry tomato with a lemon and basil oil dressing, served with sea bass and new potatoes.

Tried to wake Katie a few minutes ago to find out where her iPhone is so that I can have it charged ready for film-making club tomorrow. Unfortunately, while she, like the boys, takes after me in that she sleeps with her eyes slightly open, she takes after Nick in being almost impossible to wake. It is a disconcerting combination. I will have to try to persuade them to charge the phone at school during the day – that is if we can find it in the morning!

Just received a text to say that one of the parcels I sent surface mail to NZ just over a week ago has arrived. Makes me wish I hadn’t bothered sending the urgent one airmail!

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