Day 254

Level 2 Chi Kung.

Dash to guitar, Katie to Kew Gardens with Arina’s family, for the orchid festival.

Thumb/hand/wrist agony last night – had to get up and take one of the strong painkillers leftover from my knee injury – so tried to do as little as possible with my left arm today. I even had to get Nick to cut my bread in the morning as I can’t seem to use the electric knife with my right hand. In the evening, Monique came to babysit so that Nick and I could have a wild night out – at IKEA! We were super organised and went with a comprehensive list but, in the end, the most exciting thing we bought was an impulse buy:  a set of rails and hooks to put up in the kitchen, allowing potted herbs, spice jars and commonly used utensils to be hung up, avoiding the need to rummage in crowded drawers. Very exciting.

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