Day 163

Level 2 Chi Kung.

For some weeks now, Katie has been seeming reluctant to go to Stagecoach, while at the same time insisting that she wanted to continue. Finally today she confessed that she was continuing because she thinks it costs a lot of money to stop. I am guessing that she heard some of the other mummies grousing about having to give, or pay, half a terms’ notice and misunderstood it as some kind of fine. Of course even if there was an actual fine I wouldn‘t want her to continue if she isn’t enjoying it! Originally I was happy for her to go to Stagecoach because a) she loved it and b) it seemed to be really helping her confidence. Then, hearing Katie talk about how great it was, Clara and Arina talked their mummies into letting them go. And sadly, thinking back, the arrival of her school friends seemed to mark the end of it being a positive experience for Katie. This is sad – Clara and Arina only stayed a couple of terms but it seems to have been long enough to stop it being a safe place for Katie – and it means that, if Katie takes on something new, I may have to restrain my natural urge to share and keep it quiet from the other mummies.

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